Press Shia – The Secretary-General of International Union of Resistance Scholars thanked management of the Qom Seminary for his support for resistance.

According to Press Shia News Agency, Shaykh Maher al-Hammoud, secretary-general of the International Union of Resistance Scholars in the closing ceremony of a summit named ‘Ummah of Resistance’ in Beirut, said: "So many Muslim figures from across the Muslim world, near and far, announced their willingness to participate in this summit and we are witnessing a surprising turnout today.”


We will turn the union into an international organization


“During special and general meetings, many participants called on us to transform the Union of Resistance Scholars into an international organization, a public demand that reflects the success of this summit, and we are considering any possible legal or international obstacles in this regard,” he said.


Sheikh Hamoud, mentioning holding specialized trialogue commissions for the summit, said: "Practical and delicate discussions were raised in these committees and were by no means ceremonial.”


He pointed to the special security conditions that ‘prevented Ismael Haniya from attending the meeting,’ and said: “his speech was held via video conferencing and that expresses tendency of our Palestinian brothers towards this summit.”


Special thanks to message of Supreme Leader of Iran


"I express my special thanks to Imam Khamenei for his gracious message to this summit. Imam Khamenei's message to the Resistance Scholars Summit was an honorary medal for the members of this union and particularly myself,” the secretary-general of Union of Resistance Scholars added, mentioning the message of Iran’s supreme leader Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei to the summit.


He also hailed the efforts of The World Forum for Proximity of Islamic Schools of Thought, The committee of Muslim scholars in Lebanon, Hezbollah, and a number of other Arab groups and organizations that had participated in the summit.


Qum's scholars' support for resistance is very valuable


Sheykh Hammoud referred to the message of Ayatollah Arafi, director of Iran’s seminary schools, to the summit of Resistance Scholars and said: “Ayatollah Arafi has given a detailed message to the summit, in which he has reiterated that the scholars of Qom ‘fully support the path of resistance’ which means a lot to me and I appreciate it.”


The Secretary-General of the Union of Resistance Scholars stated: "Undoubtedly, we have taken the right path, and this summit is the voice of resistance in Lebanon, Palestine and everywhere else, and we insist on its continuation.”