TEHRAN, Nov. 04 (Press Shia Agency) – The Chairman of the Expediency Council Ayatollah Hashemi Shahroudi warned against some attempts at intrusion and manipulating public opinion and Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq in a meeting with the leader of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq.

In a meeting with Humam Hamoudi, the leader of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq, Saturday, Ayatollah Hashemi Shahroudi underlined the development of relations between the two brother nations on all grounds, and pointed out the vital and influential role played by the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq and Iraqi parliament in national development and excellence.

The Chairman of the Expediency Council congratulated the nation and Humam Hamoudi on his election to leadership of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq and expressed hope that both Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq and the Iraqi parliament thrive during his leadership.

Discussing the role and the background of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq, Ayatollah Hashemi Shahroudi asserted “the council played a significant role in the victory of the Muslim nation and the successful performance of the states that were in power after toppling Saddam, hence the unique and outstanding records of the council. I hope that under your leadership and the efforts of other members, the council can bring Islam back to the lives of Iraqi citizens.” 

The Chairman of the Expediency Council noted the issues arising from the World Islam Day and added “some Arabic states have recently been after intrusion into Iraq and manipulating public opinion, which may result in the growth of beliefs that are against the objectives of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq. This problem requires the vigilance of Iraqi brothers.”

Explaining the real motives of the US, the Zionist regime and the House of Saud for disrupting Iraqi people movement toward religion, he noted “such admirable faith may go astray due to the intrusion of certain countries, and this is precisely how the US plans to destroy Islam. All the more so since Americans have recently brought false allegations against the leaders of the Popular Mobilization Forces and Islamic Resistance Movements which points to their mischievous method of alienating the Muslims from the true essence of Islam which opposes the Zionist regime.”

Underscoring the necessity of solidarity among Islamic groups and forces in Iraq, Ayatollah Hashemi Shahroudi said “Iraqi parliament plays a vital role in creating solidarity among Islamic groups since it is respected and accepted by all the active groups, and solidarity among Islamic groups in Iraq will result in victory and excellence for Islam in Iraq.”

Congratulating the victories won by the resistance movement against Takfiri groups and ISIL, Humam Hamoudi added “we will soon announce our complete victory and the defeat of ISIL in Iraq and Syria. Today, Iraqi nation brims with feelings of victory and success and the self-confidence of the nation has increased our interaction with other countries. Therefore, we hope we can make use of the invaluable experience of the Islamic Republic of Iran.”