Press Shia – A member of Religious Board of Supreme Council of Lebanon described obeying Ayatollah Sistani’s advices as ‘a moral obligation for all Arbaeen pilgrims.’

Press Shia Agency – According to Press Shia News Agency, Hojatoleslam Sheikh Qassim Qabisi, a member of Religious Board of Supreme Council of Lebanon reiterated that “the widespread Takfiri sedition has reached its end in the region today.”


“The time has come to reconstruct ties and to strengthen the love and cooperation among all the Islamic groups and currents of the region,” Sheikh Qabisi said adding “God has allocated this place as the place of revelation, the land of the prophets and apostles.”


He pointed out that avoiding genuine love and peaceful coexistence will result in killing, destruction, hatred and hostility and added: “authorities should hear the voices of the poor and those who are not accepted in hospitals because of poverty and their children are rejected from schools.”


"The bad livelihood have caused some people to turn into pestering or begging. Meanwhile, some profiteers also seek to exploit this situation and provide ground for infiltration of enemies among the people,” The Lebanese Shi'a scholar continued.


The member of Religious Board of Supreme Council of Lebanon, pointing to the pilgrimage of Arbaeen, stated: “Honorable people of Lebanon and pilgrims who had come to Iraq on the Day of Arbaeen to visit Imam Hussein (AS)’s holy shrine should know that they step in the best land on earth.”


“Arbaeen march is a symbol for Shiites to introduce Imam Hussein (AS) to the world so that the world knows who the followers and Shiites of Ali (AS) are. Karbala pilgrims swear allegiance to God, the Prophet and Ahlul Bayt (AS) on this walk,” Sheikh Qabisi said.


At the end of his speech, he invited the pilgrims to listen to the recommendations of Iraqi sources of emulations and scholars, adding that According to Ayatollah Sistani's recommendations on Karbala pilgrims, morality and chastity are obligatory for all.