WASHINGTON, DC (Press Shia Agency) – A number of American civil activists attended a conference on racism and police misconduct in the US state of Maryland, and slammed the US judicial system for pursuing discriminatory practices against African-Americans and Muslims.

According to Press Shia Agency dispatches, several civil activists and families of victims of US police violence participated in the conference on Sunday and urged the government to take the necessary measures to deal with discrimination and the issue of racism against blacks and minority groups.

The event was held at the venue of Diyanet Center of America. 

“There is a long history of inhumane treatment of blacks (in the US)… America is becoming a military state that uses military force to quell protests,” one of the participants said.

US police killed over 1,150 people in 2015, with the largest police departments disproportionately killing at least 321 African-Americans.

Racist attacks against minorities in the US have also skyrocketed after a heated primary race for the White House, where nearly all candidates pledged stricter law enforcement against minorities, a policy that gave rise to white supremacist groups such as the Ku Klux Klan.

Supporters of the KKK group had threatened to violently crash Sunday’s rally, which was closely monitored by a relatively large number of police officers.