DAMASCUS (Press Shia) – Syria’s army is preparing to make the final push to liberate eastern areas of the northwestern city of Aleppo from the grip of Takfiri militants, a military source said.

The Syrian forces have been equipped with new weapons, and are gearing up to flush out the terrorists from the eastern neighborhoods of Aleppo, a military source told Press Shia on Monday.

He added that fierce clashes are underway in southwestern Aleppo where so far four militants belonging to Jaish al-Fath terrorist group have been captured.

The military source further said the army troops on Monday repelled an attack by the terrorist groups aimed at taking back an air defense military base in the south of Aleppo, which had been liberated by resistance forces a day earlier.

In the process of the clashes, more than 20 militants were killed and two of their vehicles destroyed, he added.

Aleppo, Syria’s second largest city, has been divided between government forces in the west and the militants in the east since 2012. In an attempt to free the trapped civilian population and to end the militants’ reign of terror in the east, the Syrian army, backed by Russian fighter jets, began a major offensive on September 22.