Press Shia – Referring to recent events in the region and Lebanon, the Secretary-General of the Union of Scholars of Resistance pointed out that these events promise the early destruction of the fake regime of Israel.

Press Shia – According to Press Shia news agency, Shaikh Maher al-Hammoud, chairman of the Union of Scholars of Resistance in Lebanon's Sidon district praised the warriors and supporters of the resistance for their “triumph over the recent crisis in Lebanon and the region.”


Sheikh Maher Hammoud describes the current situation in the region as extremely vulnerable and said that Saudi Arabia is a country that carries the flag of "La Ilaha Ila Allah" and claims to support Sunni Muslims and Islam, “but many Muslims do not believe in their claims.”


He added that, based on credible information, “the Al Saud regime was first created by Britain and then supported by the United States, by allowing them to develop and strengthen their sovereignty just because the Al Saud has agreed to establishment of a fake regime called Israel.


The Lebanese Sunni scholar pointed out the meeting of Saudi Arabia's King Abdul Aziz with United States’ Franklin Roosevelt in 1945 saying: “During the meeting, which took place on the Quincy ship in the Mediterranean Sea, Saudi king clearly announced that the United States is after establishing an independent Jewish state named Israel.”


In another part of his speech, referring to the ‘soft war’ against the axis of resistance, the chairman of the World Union of Scholars of Resistance stated: "The war is completely political and will result in a military strike. If a military strike take place, it will end with a new victory for Hezbollah and supporters of the resistance.”


Sheikh Maher al-Hammoud said: "whenever they launch a war against Hezbollah and the Islamic resistance front, the resistance front ends up winning the war and continuing its path stronger than ever before. There must be an unusual event before the destruction of Israel, and perhaps the recent events in Lebanon will be the prelude to the destruction of Israel. At the end of this war, the Islamic resistance front will be the ultimate winner.”