Press Shia Agency – The Friday prayer leader of Haret Hreik region in Beirut, referring to the march of Arbaeen, emphasized that this phenomenon is not specified to a specific religion but rather it belongs to all human beings.

Press Shia Agency – According to Press Shia Agency News Agency, Hojjatoleslam Seyyed Ali Fadhlullah, Friday prayer leader of Beirut’s Haret Hreik region, during his Friday prayer sermon, emphasized the necessity of “seeking help through patience and prayer” in face of problems and crises.


Seyyed Ali Fazlullah said: "Seeking help through patience causes a person to maintain his peace and not to be disappointed and frustrated by problems, but rather to deal with them by making right choices based on understanding problems. On the other hand, praying to God causes spiritual ascension of man and is a means of communication with God."


Referring to ‘unexpected resignation of Saad al-Hariri’, he added: "The truth is that goals, causes and consequences of al-Hariri's resignation remain uncertain for the Lebanese people. This resignation unexpectedly took place outside the borders of Lebanon and without any connection with the country's political realities.”


The Friday Imam of the Haret Hreik district added that “Internal disputes was not high enough to justify prime minister’s resignation. The internal dialogue has always been there, and people are still insisting on this option.”


The Lebanese Shiite cleric raised concerns about the country's political, economic and security conditions adding: “The false news and rumors regarding possibility of yet another regional war has been increased since the announcement of the resignation, and unfortunately, as a result of that, the political agreement, which in the past was considered as the only solution to the problems, has now been vanished from the country.”


Hojatoleslam Fadhlullah stated: "Although the current situation in Lebanon is critical, I want people to not pay attention to these rumors. The purpose of these false news is to create fear among the people. The country's security condition is stable as the reports from security forces suggests, and these behaviors are the only political.


At the end, he noted the great march of Arbaeen saying: "This huge human phenomenon is not specified to a specific religion and is not a mean to confront other religions and currents, but rather the immense movement of Imam Hussein (AS) derives from fundamentals such as justice and resistance to cruelty and deviation.