Press Shia – The Friday prayer leader of the Borj al-Barajeneh district in Lebanon pointed out that the people of Lebanon won’t accept the bullying of Saudi Arabia.

Press Shia – According to Press Shia News Agency, Sheikh Ahmad Qabalan, the Friday prayer leader of Lebanon’s Borj al-Barajenah district described Sa’d al-Harir’s resignation “a dangerous move.”


“Sa'd al-Hariri's resignation poses challenges and dangers to the country, and we hope that confronting this phenomenon will be on the path to expediency and strengthening national unity,” he said warning that the people of Lebanon have an important challenge ahead of them.


Sheikh Pobayan added that Sa’d al-Hariri's return to the country will reduce consequences of the resignation and will prepare grounds for mutual dialogue and negotiation for the purpose of overcoming the problems by relying on mutually accepted principles.


The Friday prayer leader, expressing regret over Lebanon’s recent developments and resignation of the Prime Minister, emphasized that the Lebanese people have been struggling with much greater dangers than resigning, and have come out of these dangerous tests with the wisdom, national unity and sympathy.


Sheikh Qabalan, preacher of Beirut’s Imam Hussain mosque noted efforts of “some individuals and groups to create a domestic crisis and religious or tribal confrontations,” and added "We have experienced many wars and have survived so many seditions with our national will.”


“Now, with our strength, we will support our motherland, Lebanon, because it  has been a source of dignity of all the Lebanese people,” he added.


Praising the “sense of responsibility of Lebanon’s political currents for protecting peace and stability of the country during the current sensitive situation”, he said: "Arab states should be with the people of Lebanon rather than lead the country to conflict and unrest. Neither Saudi Arabia nor any other Arab country can use force against the Lebanese people.”


At the end of his speech, he warned ‘all domestic and foreign conspirators” of “beating the drums of war” saying this “would drag themselves into this.”


“Don’t even think about overcoming the resistance axis. We are as powerful and awake as always,” he warned Saudi Arabia.