Press Shia – Shaykh Maher Abdul-Razzaq said the goal of the resignation of Lebanese Prime Minister Sa’ad al-Hariri was to create sedition and chaos in the country.

Press Shia – Shaykh Maher Abdul-Razzaq, the head of Lebanon’s Reform and Unity Movement, met with Hujjat al-Islam Na’im Qasim, the vice-president of the Executive Council of Hezbollah, and discussed various issues with him, particularly the latest events in Lebanon and the repercussions of Sa’ad al-Hariri’s resignation as prime minister.

In a conversation with reporters after the meeting, the Sunni cleric considered Saudi Arabia’s actions as a blatant attack on Lebanon and on the dignity, sovereignty and independence of its people, saying, “Interference in our internal affairs and this intervention are the result of anger earned after the great losses suffered by Saudi Arabia in Syria, Yemen, Iraq and other regional countries.” 

Shaykh Abdul-Razzaq aid that Lebanese President Michel Aoun’s positions in the area of crisis management, as well those of Nabih Berri, the speaker of the Lebanese parliament, emerged after al-Hariri’s resignation and were very favourable. 

He added, “By resigning, al-Hariri’s goal was to ignite sedition and tension in Lebanon but the president and head of the parliament have been able to lead Lebanon to national unity and this country once again succeeded in overcoming the seditious plots imposed on the country.”

His Eminence explained that due to this crisis, the army, people and Islamic Resistance are all in one trench and noted, “The various sections of the people of Lebanon have played a role in defeating this sedition and those who wanted to return evil to the country have faced a great defeat.”

Shaykh Abdul-Razzaq stressed that Lebanon’s Sunnis, Shi’ahs, Druze and Christians stand together unanimously against the plots, adding, “What is certain for the Lebanese people today is that Saudi Arabia doesn’t want any good for the Lebanese people, but is certain that they seek to sow discord, strife and hypocrisy among the people. However, Saudi Arabia was surprised by the national unity that took place after al-Hariri’s resignation.”

He emphasized that al-Hariri was definitely forced to resign, saying, “All Lebanese people must maintain their unity and stand against the seditious projects because we have achieved victory and have protected the country through our unity.”

The Sunni cleric said that one of the aspects of unity among the Lebanese people is the issue of al-Hariri’s resignation, which made the Lebanese all agree on one thing. “The people have one demand – the return of Prime Minister al-Hariri to Lebanon and the end of his detention by the royal family in Saudi Arabia,” he said.  

The head of the Reform and Unity Movement said, “The planned attacks by the United States and their Arab mercenaries against the Islamic Resistance will only increase the determination and will of the Islamic Resistance [Hezbollah] to be victorious over the project of the enemies and we will all stand in one line against the United States, the Zionist regime and their Arab mercenaries.”

Shaykh Abdul-Razzaq said, “We stand alongside the respectable Islamic Resistance, which is a source of dignity for all Lebanese, Arab and Muslim people and we are very pleased to be living in Lebanon which is a country of resistance. The United States and its allies must know that Lebanon has become a fortified nation through the unity of its people and that we will not allow the security and stability of the country to be targeted as a plaything.”

Following a visit to Saudi Arabia, Lebanese prime minister Sa’ad al-Hariri announced his resignation in a televised statement on November 4th, citing many reasons, including the security situation in Lebanon, for his sudden decision. He also said that he sensed a plot being hatched against his life.

al-Hariri also accused Iran and Hezbollah of meddling in Arab countries’ affairs – an allegation the two have repeatedly denied.