Press Shia Agency – One of the scholars of Iraq noted that the great march of Arba’in has led to greater solidarity among Iraqi people and authorities.

Press Shia – In a message issued on Friday, Ayatollah Sayyid Muhammad-Taqi al-Modarresi, an Iraqi scholar, praised the security and service authorities of Iraq for managing the Arba’in march in its best possible way, adding that “holding such spiritual ceremony reflects solidarity among the Iraqi people and the authorities.”


“Through the Arba’in ceremony, the Iraqi people demonstrated to the whole world and the neighbouring countries that they adhere to the foundations and values of the cause of Karbala including justice, love and goodness,” he noted.


Ayatollah al-Modarresi also reiterated, “The welcoming of the Arba’in pilgrims by the Iraqi people reflects their adherence to genuine religious values, and we hope that this adherence will lead to prosperity, dignity, peace and solidarity among the various groups and tribes of the country.”