Press Shia – Ayatollah Nouri-Hamadani said, “In the Quran, God insists that the oppressors must not be trusted. Are there are any greater tyrants than the United States and Saudi Arabia?”

Press Shia Agency – During a meeting with President Hasan Rouhani’s spokesman, Mohammad-Baqer Nobakht, Grand Ayatollah Hoseyn Nouri-Hamadani referred to the 7.3 magnitude earthquake which hit northern Iraq and western Iran on November 12th and said, “Fortunately, good steps have been taken to help the victims of this earthquake and the people and authorities have proved to the world that they can manage the country in all aspects.”

As many as 436 people were killed and more than 8,100 were injured in the earthquake which caused great damage in Iran’s western Kermanshah province. 

In other remarks, the revered source of emulation said, “The enemies, especially the Americans, have set up bases like the Zionists and Saudi Arabia, while the policies of [Iran’s] Islamic system are Quranic polities. The Saudis, who created the phenomena of Takfirism and terrorism, accuse Iran of training terrorist organizations and we must provide the necessary explanations to these accusations.” 

In recent weeks, Saudi Arabia has ramped up its threats against Iran, saying there will be a response “in the appropriate time and manner,” following an attempted missile strike on Riyadh from neighbouring Yemen, which has been under a nonstop bombardment campaign by a Saudi-led coalition for over two and a half years. 

Ayatollah Nouri-Hamadani said that in the Quran and in narrations, it is said that the Muslims must be the enemies of the oppressors and stand alongside the oppressed people of the world and noted, “In the Quran, God insists that the oppressors must not be trusted. Are there are any greater tyrants than the United States and Saudi Arabia?”

He added, “We must declare to the world that Saudi Arabia is the nurturer of terrorists and that its accusations against Iran are in vain because Iran will never relinquish the path of truth and will not leave the path of the Ahlul-Bayt and will enlighten the world.”

The distinguished teacher of jurisprudence in the Islamic Seminary of Qom said that the Islamic Revolution is the child of the seminary and added, “The Islamic Revolution has created a great transformation in the world and from a material and moral perspective, it is constructive. The Islamic Revolution was established to serve the people in the material, spiritual, political, cultural and social arenas.”

Ayatollah Nouri-Hamadani also called on the Iranian government to help the citizens of the country who are suffering from the economic situation in the country, saying, “The people must have a standard of living and they should not suffer from unemployment and high prices.”

He added, “The people are lagging behind economically and in regards to living standards and the economic system must be tangible for them. The government should be serious about solving the problems of people, especially in the area of providing a suitable living standard for the people.”