Press Shia Agency – Hujjat al-Islam Amin al-Sayyid stressed upon the failure of the House of Saud’s conspiracies to harm Lebanon’s stability.

Press Shia – Speaking at ceremony marking the forty-day anniversary of the martyrdom of Imad Mohsen Mousa, a member of Hezbollah, at the Sayyid al-Shuhada Complex in the Lebanese town of Hermel, Hujjat al-Islam Sayyid Ibrahim Amin al-Sayyid, the chairman of the Security Council of Hezbollah, said, “Saudi Arabia has failed in its attempt to create a crisis of tension and conflict in Lebanon and the positions of the country’s officials, especially the president [Michel Aoun] and the speaker of the parliament [Nabih Berri], have played an important role in this issue.”

The Lebanese Shi’ah cleric added that the responsible positions taken by most political groups regarding the sovereignty and independence of Lebanon led to the defeat of the Saudi plot against the country.

Hujjat al-Islam Amin al-Sayyid said the departure of Lebanese Prime Minister Sa’ad al-Hariri from Saudi Arabia and his trip to France is considered the second failure of the Saudi plot. 

“It is unknown whether Saudi Arabia will use this plot to create a new crisis in Lebanon,” he said.

Referring to some information about the new plot by Saudi Arabia against Hezbollah, he said, “There is no reason to state this conspiracy but rather Hezbollah will prepare itself to stand up to Saudi Arabia.”

The senior Hezbollah official continued, “We are not afraid of this issue. Unfortunately, a country, Saudi Arabia, seeks to harm and destroy the stability in Lebanon.”

Hujjat al-Islam Amin al-Sayyid praised the position taken by president Aoun, adding that if there were another president in Lebanon, the situation would be radically different, but today the world is witnessing a strong and courageous president who has genuine concern and desires sovereignty, security and stability for Lebanon. Light will be recorded in the political history of Lebanon.”

Two weeks ago, Prime Minister al-Hariri announced his shock resignation in a televised address aired from the Saudi capital, shortly after he arrived there for a visit, repeating Saudi Arabia’s accusations against Hezbollah. 

After resigning, al-Hariri spent two more weeks in Saudi Arabia amid rumours he was under house arrest there, before traveling to Paris on Saturday.