Press Shia – Ayatollah Arafi said that through Daesh, the arrogant powers seek to restrain Iran’s Islamic Revolution and said, “Today, through divine grace and the forces of the Islamic Resistance, the American, Israeli and Saudi front has been defeated.”

Press Shia Agency – In his Friday prayer sermon to a large and fervent crowd of believers in Qom’s Qods Prayer Hall, Ayatollah Alireza Arafi offered his congratulations on the upcoming birth anniversary of the Prophet Muhammad and congratulated the believers on Islamic Unity Week and said, “While we are following the progressive and proud religion of Shi’ah Islam but always, the great scholars and sources of emulation, such as Imam Khomeyni and Ayatollah Khamenei, have stressed upon common Islamic brotherhood, the solidarity of the Islamic ummah and cooperation in order to revive the Islamic civilization.” 

The head of the Islamic Seminaries of Iran said, “We must overcome unproductive differences and pay attention to the correct path of coexistence and cooperation in order to achieve long-term goals and said, “The message of the Islamic Revolution, Qom, the Islamic Seminary and the scholars of religion is that the message of the unity and solidarity of the Islamic ummah must be given greater attention by the elite of the Islamic ummah.”

He offered congratulations on Basij Week and noted that the Basij is a symbol of intelligence, awareness, courage, bravery, resistance on the path of God, sacrifice and forgiveness to achieve great aspirations and serving the creation of God and said, “The Basiji spirit is rooted in Islamic history and we must cherish the Basij because the experiences of the Basij in the Islamic Revolution has created miracles and saved the country. Today, we see the Islamic Resistance and the Basij in the ummah of Islam and this has frightened the superpowers. We must strengthen the Basij and the presence of the Basij is important in all arenas.”

Ayatollah Arafi congratulated the Resistance Movement on the victory over the Daesh Takfiri terrorist group and added, “This victory was a blessed phenomenon that must be considered as important and must be analyzed as it contains lessons for the future of the Islamic ummah. The mercenaries of the Americans, Zionists and Saudi have been pursuing their hideous goals in the last decade through such groups.”

The dean of al-Mustafa International University said that the arrogant powers sought to restrain Iran’s Islamic Revolution by creating Daesh and said, “To restrain the Islamic revolutionary wave, the enemies created a false alternative to gain dominance over the revolution. The enemies created a harsh and irrational terrorist movement against the Revolution to spread Islamophobia, Iranophobia and fear of the Islamic Revolution.”

He added, “The enemies sought to spread the flames of war by creating sectarian dissension and to weaken the discourse of Islamic unity and place the Shi’ahs and Sunnis of the Islamic world in a state of sedition. The other goals of the enemies are to create a security ring for the Israel and American mercenaries in the region and to weaken the Resistance Front. Many plots were created for the division of the countries of the region, including Iraq.”

Ayatollah Arafi said that the terrorist and Takfiri phenomenon inflicted great damage on the Islamic ummah, said, “Many people looked down on Islam and this must be corrected by proper activities. The Americans, Zionists and Saudis support the Daesh and Takfiri phenomenon.”

A member of the Supreme Council of the Cultural Revolution continued, “Scientific, cultural, material and economic support for the terrorists was provided by the arrogant powers. Today, this American, Israeli and Saudi axis has suffered a severe defeat due to divine blessings and we see that the division of Iraq, Syria, the disarming of the resistance, the subjugation of Yemen, Bahrain and Lebanon, the creation of sectarian conflicts and all other goals have failed, and this will continue until they are ultimately defeated.” 

He said, “These victories are the symbol of the bravery of the Basijis, which will continue with the help of God. However, as the Supreme Leader of the Revolution said, we must be vigilant and pursue the new conspiracies of the enemy and prevent their new acts of sedition. In these days, the Saudis have abandoned Islamic brotherhood with their nonsensical statements and shameless and this is due to their numerous failures. God-willing, these failures will overcome them.”

In conclusion, Ayatollah Arafi referred to the problems faced by the victims of the 7.3 magnitude earthquake in Kermanshah province and said, “We need to thank the people and all those who provided assistance and this assistance must continue. The presence of university and seminary students and Basijis from all over the country in service to the people of Kermanshah is impressive.”

He added, “The Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution visited the victims in the earthquake-stricken areas with dignity and integrity and issued the necessary commands. The officials and people must strive to help the people of Kermanshah and due to the cold weather, they should respond to the cries of those affected by earthquake.”