TEHRAN, Nov. 30 (Press Shia Agency) – Iran sent a letter of protest to Pakistani interests section of the Islamic Republic of Iran on the murder of the Iranian youth in the US and called for immediate measures to be taken concerning the crime.

The letter of the interests section of Iran in Washington reads “we have been informed that Bijan Ghaisar, 25, has been shot dead by the US police.”

“The US claims that Ghaisar tried to run away after causing an accident, but the evidence and Ghaisar’s car show no signs of any accident. The police has not yet given sufficient reason for shooting the victim three times in the head at close range,” the letter goes on.

It says in the letter of protest issued by the Islamic Republic of Iran, that “if the police force of an Islamic country had committed such a crime, the US ministry of foreign affairs would have called it a terrorist attack and would have condemned it immediately. However, when a US police officer shoots a foreign citizen, they keep silent.”

“In normal criminal cases, the media covers the incident in less than 48 hours and criminal investigations start. This case, however, was not publicized for more than 2 weeks,” reads the letter of protest.

Pakistani interests section of the Islamic Republic of Iran has categorically condemned this heinous, ruthless crime and urged the respective US authorities and the FBI to answer for the murder without trial of the said Iranian youth.

A few American media released, on Tuesday, news about a 25 year old Iranian-American young man shot dead by two officers in North Virginia, US, on November 17.

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