ZABOL, Dec. 02 (Press Shia Agency) –Iran’s President Rouhani said Sat. that the ISIL key bases in the Middle East have collapsed, voicing hope for the total eradication of terrorism in the region.

President Rouhani made the remarks during a provincial visit to Sistan and Baluchestan, the southeast of the country, on Saturday, adding “the sinister plot designed by the US and Israeli regime that was targeting our region has been thwarted.”

“They had not planned for terrorism and ISIL to be eliminated within a few years,” the president continued. “They had designed a plot for the whole Middle East, planning to spread terrorism from Iraq and Syria to all across Asia, to destroy the Islamic civilization, tarnish the image of Islam, strengthen Israel, and cement their influence in the region.”

Rouhani went on to add, “the vigilant people of the region, however, managed to thwart their plot.”

President Rouhani further stressed that the reason for the failure of terrorists in gaining a footing in Iran was the unity and strong faith among the Iranian people. 

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