TEHRAN (Press Shia Agency) – Iranian President Hassan Rouhani slammed some Western governments for their interference in the Middle East, saying regional problems can be resolved by the countries of the region and there is no need for foreign intervention.

Addressing a ceremony held in Chabahar in southern Iran on Sunday to inaugurate the first phase of Shahid Beheshti Port Development Plan, Rouhani said, “The port is being inaugurated at a time when conditions in our region have improved.”

“Some thought that our region is a region of war, conflict, and Shiite-Sunni confrontation… and the land of foreign intervention,” the president said, adding that today, however, the region has distanced itself from those issues.

“The people of the region have shown that there is no distance among various communities and religions,” he said, adding that Shiite and Sunni scholars and elites in Iran and elsewhere in the region have taken great strides in this regard.

What matters is that everyone should make efforts to boost solidarity and unity in this region, Rouhani stressed.

He also underlined that regional problems can be settled through dialogue among regional states and that there is no need for world powers’ meddling.

Elsewhere, the Iranian president said that the result of extremism and violence, no matter what name they take or where they happen, is only destruction and devastation.

In recent years, the Middle East has been plagued with Takfiri terrorist groups like Daesh (also known as ISIS or ISIL), which are believed to have been created and supported by the West and some regional Arab countries.

The terrorist groups, which claim to be Islamic but whose actions are anything but, have been committing heinous crimes not only against non-Muslims, but mostly against Muslims in the region.

The self-proclaimed caliphate of Daesh has recently collapsed in Syria and Iraq after the Arab countries’ forces and their allies managed to recapture Al-Bukamal, the terror group’s last stronghold in Syria.