TEHRAN, Nov. 04 (Press Shia Agency) – Iran’s embassy to Beirut issued a statement on Thursday to dismiss the claims made by Samir Geagea in a TV program broadcast by MTV.

In a statement released by Islamic Republic of Iran’s embassy to Lebanese capital city of Beirut on Thursday noon, the diplomatic entity described Samir Geagea’s (the Executive Chairman of the Lebanese Forces) claims made in a TV interview broadcast by MTV (Murr Television; a Lebanese television station) as misleading and unfounded.

“Whatever has been quoted from Mr. Zarif, the Foreign Minister of Islamic Republic of Iran, is categorically rejected as these accusations bear no veracity, validity, or truth and are completely baseless,” reads part of the statement.

“Pointing false accusations to others has for always been the method and habit of Samir Geagea,” according to the statement of Iran’s diplomatic mission in Beirut, “but, at this stage that Lebanon has entered a serene and stable atmosphere, the intention and objective behind making such misleading remarks is unknown.”