TEHRAN (Press Shia) – An Islamic Jihad representative in Iran slammed the US decision to declare al-Quds (Jerusalem) capital of Israel as part of a plot to legitimize the Zionist occupation of the city, saying a two-state solution is already dead with the Israeli settlements around Quds.

Addressing a meeting at the University of Tehran on Tuesday, the representative of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad Movement in Iran, Nasser Abu Sharif, said the Zionist regime of Israel’s plans to annex much of the Palestinian territories by constructing settler homes around the city of Quds has marked the death of the two-state solution.

Denouncing US President Donald Trump’s controversial decision to recognize the city as the new capital of Israel, Abu Sharif said one of the main objectives behind the move is to legitimize the Zionist regime’s occupation of Quds.

He further called on the Islamic world to support the popular uprising in Palestine, and hailed Iran’s backing for the Palestinian nation.

Trump declared on December 6 that his administration would begin a years-long process of moving the American embassy in Tel Aviv to Quds.

The decision has drawn widespread international condemnation and has sparked protests in the Palestinian territories.

Israel has occupied East Quds since the 1967 Middle East war. It annexed the area in 1980 and sees it as its exclusive domain. Under international law, the area is considered to be occupied territory.