Press Shia Agency – The chairman of the Global Union of Scholars of Resistance said, “Trumps decision will put him trouble. Israel’s destruction is inevitable based on Quran verses.”

Press Shia – Speaking at the conference on “Today’s Challenges and Foresight in the Shadow of the Prophet’s Life,” Shaykh Maher Hammoud, the chairman of the International Union of Resistance Scholars, called for the continuation of the Islamic Resistance.


“The resistance option is still in place, and [US President Donald] Trump’s decision to transfer the US embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem al-Quds will put him in deep trouble,” the scholar said.


Shaykh Hammoud added that “God’s punishment of someone who knows the right but turns away from it intentionally is more severe than someone who does not know the truth. According to Quranic verses, the destruction of Israel is inevitable.”


The head of the International Union of Resistance Scholars said, “The model of resistance is the best model so far, and this has been proven repeatedly. Trump should understand that his decision has awakened the Arab nations from ignorance.”


On December 6, Trump sparked international outrage by declaring that Washington was recognizing Jerusalem al-Quds as the “capital” of Israel and that he had instructed his administration to begin the process of moving the American embassy from Tel Aviv to the ancient city.


The announcement prompted harsh international warnings that it would bring more chaos to the Middle East region. Several protests have been held in many countries over the past days against the US and Israel.