Press Shia – Egypt’s Minister of Religious Endowments said, “Islam is a religion of peace and friendship. The dignity of the Islamic ummah can be achieved through unity and mutual trust.”

Press Shia Agency – Shaykh Dr. Muhammad-Mukhtar al-Jumu’ah, Egypt’s Minister of Religious Endowments, emphasized on the need to strengthen relations and cooperation of Arab and international countries in “a strong and effective way to confront terrorism and strengthen world peace and security throughout the world.”


During his speech at “The 4th International Conference on Straightening Peace in the Islamic Community” held in Abu Dhabi, Shaykh Jumu’ah called for the international community to make efforts to confront economic, political, cultural, scientific and epistemic challenges.


“In a world where the language of force and self-confidence is the only language understood, there is no place for weak people and those who submit themselves to the superpowers,” the Sunni scholar noted, emphasizing the need to “be peaceful and at the same time seek our fair and legal rights.”


Shaykh al-Jumu’ah said, “We always seek peace and extend our friendship hand toward those involved in implementing global peace, and we will deal with any person or group who wants to violate the rights of the Islamic ummah.”


At the end, the Egypt’s Minister of Religious Endowments stated that “Islam is a religion of dignity and honour and always encourages dialogue and peace and rejects violence and terrorism.”


“Dignity will cannot be achieved through speaking of unity, but rather though a sincere effort to establish unity,” he added.