TEHRAN (Press Shia Agency) – Iran's Ambassador to the United Nations Gholam Ali Khoshroo lambasted the US veto of the UN resolution on al-Quds (Jerusalem), saying that Washington is “deceiving public opinions” about the issue of Palestine.

“While the global community is considering the issue of Palestine as the Middle East’s most pivotal issue, the US administration wants to misrepresent the realities and remove the issue of Palestine from UN agenda by deceiving public opinions,” Khoshroo said.

His remarks came after all members of the UN Security Council except the US, which used its veto, on Monday backed a UN resolution proposed by Egypt calling for the withdrawal of Donald Trump’s recognition of al-Quds as Israel’s capital.

Fourteen members of the 15-member council voted in favor of the Egyptian-drafted resolution, which did not specifically name the US or Trump but expressed “deep regret at recent decisions concerning the status of Jerusalem”, while US Ambassador Nikki Haley wielded Washington’s veto against the call.

“US unfair and destructive move in recognizing Quds as the capital of Israel has sparked fury among not only the Islamic world but the international community as well. And today’s veto of UNSC’s resolution is another example of US confrontation with the Muslims and world’s freedom-seekers,” Khoshroo added.

“Despite the fact that the Israeli regime was behind the aggressions, massacre and displacement of Palestinians over the past decades, the US has fully supported the Zionist regime by vetoing the pro-Palestinian resolution and spared no effort in providing the Zionist regime with destructive weaponry”.

“The US recent move revealed that it is only seeking to help Zionist regime protect its interests maximally, as it attaches no respect for the legal demands of the Palestinians,” he said.

The Islamic world considers unilateral decision of the US on the fate of Palestine and dear Quds as oppressive, underlining that negating international agreements on Palestine will entail detrimental consequences, for which the US and the Zionist regime should be accountable, Khoshroo concluded.