DAMASCUS (Press Shia) – A senior adviser to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad praised the Iraqi army for its achievements in a large-scale operation to liberate the city of Mosul from Daesh (ISIL or ISIS), saying Iraq’s victories are deemed to be a triumph for Syria.

In an interview with the Press Shia News Agency in Damascus, Bouthaina Shaaban, the political and media adviser to Syria’s president, congratulated the Baghdad government on its recent victories in the military operation to recapture Mosul.

“We believe that the Iraqi nation’s victory is indeed a triumph for the Syrian nation, and the Syrian nation’s victory is a victory for the Yemeni, Palestinian and Tunisian nations,” Shaaban added.

Tens of thousands of Iraqi troops, Hashid al-Shaabi (voluntary) forces and Kurdish Peshmerga fighters have been advancing on Mosul from north, east and south after the launch on October 17 of the offensive to retake Daesh’s last stronghold in Iraq.

Iraq has been engaged in the fight against the Daesh Takfiri terrorists since the summer of 2014, when the militants took control of Mosul and some other areas in the country.