TEHRAN, Dec. 20 (Press Shia) – In a panel at Mehr news agency office in Tehran, Hossein Sheikholeslam, an advisor to Iranian Foreign Minister stressed the need for forming a global army against the Zionist regime of Israel to preserve the Palestinians rights, clarifying the army would be more like a diplomatic structure.

At the panel which was also attended by Dr. Sadegh Ramezani Golafzani, the head of the Research Center for Studying the Palestinian People and the head of the ‘Committee to Support an Islamic Revolution in Palestine’, the panelists stressed  that the people who are now in the streets of Islamic countries should be promoted into a lasting structures in their armies of the Islamic countries.

They emphasized that when the people in the region from different nationalities can destroy the ISIS together, they can also unite and form a global army to confront the Zionist regime and preserve the Palestinians’ rights.

“Americans knew that if they hadn’t announced the transfer of their embassy to Jerusalem al-Quds now, their power would have declined in the future and would not have been able to do so,” Sheikholeslam noted.

Stressing the increasing decline in the US power, the panelists added “as time passes, the US power declines more.”

Sheikholeslam, also a former Iranian ambassador to Syria, noted that the US plan to transfer the US embassy to Quds dates back to 1995 and it has been a part of the US constitution and it has nothing to do with Trump, saying “America is intertwined with occupation, tyranny, bullying and atomic bombs and murder.”

At the end, foreign minister’s adviser emphasized that Palestine is from the (Mediterranean) sea to the (Jordan) river, saying, “we need to quickly establish a power to announce that Jerusalem is the only capital of Palestine and Al-Quds is for the Muslims, and everyone who accepts this right can live in region, otherwise they must leave it” adding “all the settlements must be evacuated.”