TEHRAN, Dec. 23 (Press Shia Agency) – In a message on Saturday Chief of Staff of Armed Forces Major General Mohammad Bagheri congratulated the Christmas and the beginning of year 2018 to Christians, calling for peace and brotherhood among nations.

In his message addressing world military officials, Bagheri emphasized the humanity’s return to the teachings of the holy prophets and the strengthening of the spirit of friendship, sympathy and true interaction among all nations, adding that the Prophets’ teaching will save the humankind from threatening phenomena which are targeting the salvation of nations and societies.

Also in his message, he expressed his regret over US president’s action in recognizing the first Qibla of Muslims as the capital of occupying regime of Israel and hoped for coexistence and peace among all the Palestinians including Muslims, Jews and Christians, based on justice and equal vote in that holy land.

At the end of his message, Major General Bagheri expressed hope God would bestow a life full of happiness and health to the military officials, their families and the armed forces, governments and nations.