TEHRAN, Dec. 24 (Press Shia Agency) –Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak recently called on all Muslims to unite against US President Donald Trump’s decision to recognize Al-Quds (Jerusalem) as the capital of Israeli regime.

At a mass demonstration on Friday in Malaysia’s administrative capital Putrajaya against the US decision, Razak said: “Let’s forget about the political differences between us. We are capable of uniting against problems. It is not important whether we are green, red, orange or any other color. As long as we share common cause, we can overcome these problems,”

Regarding Trump’s threat to cut aid to countries that voted to denounce his decision recognizing Al-Quds as Israel’s capital, Razak said the US has been the one that is asking for “aid” from the country in “many” matters, reported Anadolu.

The mass protest took place shortly after Friday Prayer at Putra Mosque in Putrajaya and gathered nearly 1,500 people from various political parties and civil society groups.

On Dec. 6, Trump unilaterally announced his decision to recognize Al-Quds as Israel’s capital, drawing widespread regional and international condemnation.

The UN General Assembly, however, overwhelmingly endorsed a non-binding resolution calling on the US to reverse the decision. Of the assembly’s 193 member-states, 128 voted in favor of the resolution, nine — including the US and Israel — voted against and 35 abstained.