TEHRAN, Dec. 24 (Press Shia) – Iranian Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani said the US have always been after adventures in the region and rejected their new claim that Iran has given missiles to Houthi rebels in Yemen as baseless.

Ali Larijani met with State Duma Speaker Vyacheslav Volodin on the sidelines of the First Speakers’ Conference which is an international conference addressing the challenges of terrorism and regional cooperation. He stressed the necessity of Tehran-Moscow cooperation on all areas including economy and commerce. 

Larijani highlighted the necessity of expanding regional cooperation between Iran and Russia and said “some are after breaking our ties and try to turn recent victories in Syria to their own advantage.”

Iranian parliament speaker considered the US presence in Raqqa, Syria disadvantageous to the victories attained by the Syrian government and called for bilateral negotiations to discuss the questionable presence of the US in the region.

The head of the Iranian delegation to Islamabad expressed his gratitude for the stance taken by Russia with respect to Trump’s remarks about al-Quds and said “all the countries of the world opposed the violation of human rights in this case.”

Iranian Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani rejected the US claim that Iran has given missiles to Houthis in Yemen as yet another plot and asserted “Russia is a friend of Iran and they know quite well that we have not given missiles to Houthis.”

“During the time of Abdullah Saleh, they had missile squads B and C and the US is after following new adventures in the region using these missiles,” Larijani concluded.

For his part, State Duma Speaker Vyacheslav Volodin stressed the necessity of holding international conferences in order to increase regional harmony and said “today’s conference has been a successful experience that needs to happen again.”

He asserted that the US has always adopted ambiguous policies with respect to other countries and added “in my opinion, Americans concern themselves with ideologies and theories and they categorically reject any opposing ideas.”

“Russia believes that military crises can be solved using the experience of cooperation with Syria in the region,” he added.

Having referred to the measures taken by the US that violated the tenets of democracy and the freedom of opinion, Volodin said “we are sorry to say that US, which claims to be the land of the free, refuses to engage with the truth.”

He asserted that the US is after claiming the credit for the victories in Syria and said “Americans did not participate in any forum or conference for ending the Syrian crisis, yet they want to exploit the situation to their own benefit now.”

He discussed Iran-Russia economic cooperation in the following year and said “a Russian delegation will travel to Iran next year and we hope great achievements can be made as the result of the visit to Iran.”

Ali Larijani landed in Islamabad, the capital city of Pakistan on Saturday in order to attend the First Speakers’ Conference addressing the challenges of terrorism and regional cooperation attended by parliament speakers from Iran, Russia, Turkey, Afghanistan, China and Pakistan. The conference which opened with a speech given by the president of Pakistan Mamnoon Hussain is being held at present.