Press Shia – Hasan Hanizadeh argued that the Saudi war on Yemen has been more violent than previously and said, “More Yemeni missiles will be launched at the palaces of the Saudi princes and military centres.”

Press Shia – In an interview with Reza News Agency, Hasan Hanizadeh, an Iranian international affairs analyst and political assistant at the al-Ahwaz World Network, said that the missile launched by Yemen’s Houthi Ansarullah movement targeted the al-Yamamah Palace, the official residence of Saudi King Salman in the Saudi capital city, Riyadh, on the one-thousandth day of the ongoing Saudi war against the Yemeni people and said, “The launch was a very clear message from the Yemeni fighters to the House of Saud that there was greater coherence between the Yemeni political spectrum after the death of the former dictator of Yemen [Ali Abdullah Saleh].”
He explained that the Yemeni armed forces have sought to upgrade their missile power and said, “The Yemeni missile attacks have become more organized and it seems that the Yemeni people, warriors and revolutionary committees are looking to give a crushing response to the aggressions of the Saudi army.”
Hanizadeh said that the accuracy of the Yemeni missiles and their destructive power has increased, although after the launch of the Borkan-2 missile, the accusations by United States and Saudi Arabia have come to the attention of Iran.
The international affairs analyst continued, “Saudi Arabia does not want to admit that the Yemeni nation and army have attained the technology to manufacture weapons and ballistic missiles and are thus accusing the Islamic Republic of Iran of placing the missiles at the disposal of the Yemeni people.”
He said that Yemeni missiles in the hands of the Yemeni warriors belong to the army of this country and the special forces sought to improve the quality of the missiles after three years of the imposed Saudi war.
Hanizadeh added that the United States’ propaganda at an anti-Iran press conference on December 14th at Joint Base Andrews by Nikki Haley, the United States Ambassador to the United Nations, was absolutely clear for the Western media.
The political assistant at the al-Ahwaz World Network referred to the accusations by Haley as “false and unnecessary” and stated, “Saudi Arabia does not want to accept its surrender to the Houthis [Ansarullah] and therefore, they will accuse Iran.”
Hanizadeh argued that the war will continue against Yemen and stressed, “Saudi Arabia will continue to kill the Yemeni people but the Yemenis also bring serious damage to the House of Saud and launch more missiles towards the palaces of the Saudi princes and military centres and we will actually see more violence on both sides.”
On December 19th, Yemen’s Ansarullah movement says its forces fired a ballistic missile towards the official residence of Saudi King Salman in the Saudi capital city, Riyadh, in retaliation for the regime’s deadly attacks 
Muhammad Abdul-Salam, a Ansarullah spokesman, said the Burkan-2 (Volcano) missile, which has a range of 800 kilometres, was fired toward al-Yamamah Palace in the western suburbs of the capital where the monarch receives visiting foreign dignitaries and top Saudi officials.