TEHRAN (Press Shia Agency) – Iran’s Foreign Ministry spokesperson said Tehran has sent an official note to the United Nations secretariat to proclaim its vote in favor of a recent resolution passed by the UN General Assembly on the violation of human rights in Myanmar.

In a statement on Tuesday, Bahram Qassemi cited “technical and expert reasons” for the Iranian UN mission’s initial refusal to vote in favor of the resolution on Myanmar, saying Iran has been always opposed to the politicization of human rights issue by the international organizations.

However, he added, it would be better if the Islamic Republic of Iran’s grand policy of supporting the Muslims, including the oppressed in Myanmar, had been preferred to the technical considerations.

“In line with its principled policy of defending the rights of all Muslims across the world, particularly the oppressed Muslims of Myanmar, the Islamic Republic of Iran has sent an official note to the UN Secretariat to declare its yes vote to the (UNGA) resolution that condemns the human rights violations in Myanmar,” the Foreign Ministry’s website quoted Qassemi as saying.

Condemning the heinous crimes committed by the Myanmar army against the Rohingya Muslims, Qassemi added, “Over the past three decades, the Islamic Republic of Iran has continuously expressed its protest against politicized and discriminatory approaches of the UN General Assembly towards member states.”

Iran’s policy has been always based on opposition to any country-specific resolution by the Third Committee of the UN General Assembly, he explained.

“Therefore, except for resolutions on the Palestinian cause which are discussed within different agendas and Iran has voted in favor of them at all times, Tehran has always voted against resolutions on other countries’ human rights conditions.”

However, he added, given the depth of the crimes being committed by Myanmar against Muslims and despite our earlier policy of voting against such resolutions, the Islamic Republic of Iran refrained from attending the voting session, and issued a separate statement to strongly condemn the Myanmarese government’s crackdown on the Rohingya Muslims.

By issuing the statement, Qassemi said, Iran stressed that its absence from the UNGA voting session “merely reflects the country’s opposition to the rejected approach of politicizing human rights,” and the absence has nothing to do with the resolution’s content.

Therefore, he added, Iran sent the official note to the UN Secretariat on Tuesday to revise its earlier stance and declare its yes vote while underlining that Tehran dismisses as unacceptable any politicization of human rights resolutions.