TEHRAN, Jan. 01 (Press Shia) – Iranian scientists in a knowledge-based firm managed to produce 20 kinds of catalysts that can satisfy domestic demands in steel, petrochemical, petroleum and gas industries.

Managing Director of an Iranian knowledge-based company Amir Houman Karimi Vasigh stated that they have managed to produce co-precipitation catalysts and said “we have at present acquired the knowledge to produce co-precipitation catalysts and we have been able to localize 20 kinds of catalysts and mass-produce them. 4 of these catalysts are used in the steel industry, 2 in petroleum and gas industries and 14 in refineries and petrochemical industries.”

Karimi stressed that the final price of the catalysts is lower than foreign products and added that 21 contracts have been made so far in order to meet the demand for catalysts in the steel industry.

Karimi said that the company has so far produced more than 700 thousand liters of numerous reforming catalysts for petrochemical industries and refineries and added “producing catalysts in Iran can lead to considerable savings. The sum of all the savings made as a result of producing catalysts in Iran amounts to 14 million dollars.”

“By 2026, we will be able to meet 85% of domestic demands for catalysts,” he added.