Press Shia – Ayatollah Alireza Arafi addressed the protesters regarding economic issues and said, “We appreciate you and your demands are correct and must pursued through legal channels.”

Press Shia – In his Friday prayer sermon to a large and fervent crowd of believers in Qom’s Qods Prayer Hall, Ayatollah Alireza Arafi analyzed the recent sedition in Iran and said, “The evil Western and Zionist regimes have always been striving to integrate the world into Western civilization and confront governments and independent powers.”
The head of the Islamic Seminaries of Iran said, “The Western movement doesn’t want a axis and power in the world that is opposed to their discourse to exist, so they are trying to make nations and governments subordinate in order to prevent their independence. In particular, the enemies are working against the Islamic Revolution, which has advanced and civilized capacities based on the principles of Islam. Throughout the entire Islamic world, we see that the line of prevention of independence is being pursued.”
He stressed that over the past 40 years, the arrogant powers have faced a luminous and great phenomenon and indeed it is unable to stand against this huge phenomenon and added, “In recent years, the enemies have been further defeated by the waves of the Islamic Revolution and the Islamic Resistance in various countries every day. The enemies have imposed sanctions on Iran and created thousands of barriers, but they weren’t successful.”
Ayatollah Arafi added, “The Americans didn’t honour their commitments after they signed the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) but they still felt they didn’t step forward. The feeling of damage has taken over the depths of the souls of the Americans. The enemies and mercenaries couldn’t tolerate that Iran has a secure revolution in the turbulent market of the insecure countries of the region and against the waves of terrorism and they have repeatedly mentioned this.”
The member of the Supreme Council of the Seminary said, “[US President Donald] Trump and that false prince [Muhammad ibn Salman Al Saud] explicitly stated this issue said ‘we’ll bring riots to the streets of Iran’ because they see that they were defeated in numerous plots and can’t tolerate a secure and powerful Iran.” 
Referring to the existence of some problems inside the country, he added, “We mustn’t overlook domestic problems, if we ignore internal troubles, we will be harmed, the country will face economic, unemployment, corruption, social harm, astronomical salaries, embezzlement lost money, dissension, disagreements, the desecration of sanctities, weakness in organization and planning and the lack of a quick and precise actions are among the problems which must be solved. Regardless of the discussions on this side and on the other side, we must believe in these mistakes and seek to resolve them.”
Ayatollah Arafi said that on the internet and elsewhere, efforts are made to minimize the achievements of the Islamic Revolution and everyone must be alert to the oppressive regime,  which engages in great crimes and goes to the extent of cleansing such crimes from the internet. 
The dean of al-Mustafa International University said that protests on the path of lawfulness, demands and constructive criticism must be welcomed and considered as agreeable and added, “The dignity of protesters and the youth must be respected and appreciated, as long as they are carried out in a legal way. We must not be afraid of protest and criticism, when it comes to responsibility, must have the capacity to listen to criticisms, problems and respect for the protests.”
He said that these protests mustn’t be riots and added that riots mean aggression against the sacred and transcendental values of the country, against property and honour and involves the murder of people which no government can tolerate. “The nation, the security forces, the military, the government and the society cannot tolerate the riots of a minority whose roots are in the hands of foreigners and who are guided by their money,” he said. 
His Eminence said, “Today, all the arrogant powers and their mercenaries came to the front in order to put the strong and powerful country of Iran into state of chaos and our nation will surely stand against these conspiracies.”
Ayatollah Arafi said that the authorities must receive the message of the protests and said, “The demands of the people must be taken seriously. More than ever before, the authorities must try to implement the Resistance Economy, solve the problems, unite and abandon unwarranted marginal issues.”
He added that groups and factions must know that the Supreme Leader and the law are the basis of the country’s movement and addressing the protesters regarding the economic issues, said, “We appreciate you and your demands are correct and must pursued through legal channels.”
Qom’s Friday prayer leader stated, “Those who knowingly and unknowingly connected to the outside powers to break the fortress of the Islamic Revolution and destroy the great heritage of the martyrs, must know that the whole nation and the security and military forces will stand against the riots by the people and their property all the humble officials must serve the people.”
Ayatollah Arafi said, “Foreign supporters of the rioters also must know that 40 years have passed in many ways, but they must know that the Islamic Revolution is rooted in the transcendental values of Islam and the Quran and that the nation stands on the basis of Islam, leadership, values, security and peace of the country and they will never be convinced by the frustrated dreams of the arrogant powers.”