Press Shia Agency – The vice-president of the Supreme Shi’ite Islamic Council in Lebanon said some Arab states are cooperating with the United States in pushing for hostility towards Iran.

Press Shia – According to Press Shia Agency News Agency, Hujjat al-Islam Ali al-Khatib, the tdeputy head of the Supreme Shi’ah Council of Lebanon, described the United States as the first enemy of the Arab and Islamic world.


He added that some Arab regimes with the help of the United States are involved in sedition and the destruction of other Arab countries and the advent of hostility toward Iran instead of the Zionist enemy. 


“These systems are working hard to distance Arabs and Muslims from the main problem which is the oppressed nation of Palestine and the issue of Jerusalem al-Quds,” he added.


Referring to the turmoil in Iran, the Lebanese cleric, stated that the United States has been openly acting against the Islamic Republic of Iran and has provoked its mercenaries to undermine its internal stability.


He reminded of the similarity of the current turmoil with the turmoil after the victory of the Islamic Revolution, and stated that since the Islamic Revolution, the United States has been seeking a coup d’état, sometimes by direct intervention, sometimes by sparking sedition in the country, and even with the help of its mercenaries and corrupt systems. 


“Imposing eight years of war on Iran and the imposition of sanctions on the country by the United States is a clear example of this,” he said.


Hujjat al-Islam al-Khatib described these hostilities towards Iran as “doomed to failure” and said, “All these hostilities are because of Iran’s policy of standing up against the hegemonic powers and supporting the oppressed nations, especially Palestine.”


“The enemies failed to achieve their goals despite sending Daesh terrorist forces to Syria and Iraq. The role of Iran was apparent in this victory and was presented by the martyr,” he continued.


The vice-president of the Supreme Shi’ah Council of Lebanon emphasized, “The Islamic Republic of Iran has become much stronger and has achieved great achievements in the field of science and military, and we have full confidence that it can overcome its economic difficulties as well.”


He praised the continued intifada of the Palestinian people against the Zionists in support of Jerusalem al-Quds, saying, “The unity of the Palestinians and their confidence in the various methods of resistance and consolidation of the intifada against the enemy are appreciated and we ask the free nations of the world, especially the Arab and Islamic countries to do their duties properly in supporting the oppressed nations.”