Press Shia – Ayatollah Abdollahi said that worship and combat against the imperialist powers is based on the Holy Quran and in the tragedy of Ashura and cannot end because the basis of our revolution, our Islamic identity and our Quran identity is anti-imperialism.

Press Shia – Speaking at Esfahan’s Sayyed Mosque, Ayatollah Mahmoud Abdollahi, the chairman of the Sociopolitical Commission of the Assembly of Experts, stated that three important events occurred on Aban 13th (November 4th) in Iranian history – the exile of Imam Khomeini due to his condemnation of the Capitulation Law and his stance against the Americans in 1964, the killing of university students by the Pahlavi regime in 1978 and the capture of the American embassy in Tehran in 1979.


The representative of Esfahan in the Assembly of Experts added that Imam Khomeini called the takeover of the American embassy “the second revolution” and said, “The imperialist powers had made a great investment in the Pahlavi regime and the Islamic Revolution struck a fatal blow at this regime. The takeover of the ‘Den of Spies’ was yet another scandal for the United States and documents that were found in the embassy deepened the scandal on the world stage.”


Ayatollah Abdollahi said the Quranic terms for these three important events are “taḥaddī” meaning “challenge” and “qawām” meaning “straightness” and said, “These two terms mean ‘to resist tyranny’ and the root of ‘istikbār’ [meaning ‘arrogance’] are found in the Quran and also is found in the tragedy of Ashura.”


He added that firmness and resistance against the tyrants based on the philosophy of the mission of the divine prophets and is found throughout the uprising of Imam Husayn from the beginning of his movement until the captivity of the Ahlul-Bayt in Syria and their presence in front of Yazid.


“Just as Imam Khomeini stated, our Revolution and our struggle and our fight against the imperialist powers of the world is derived from Ashura and Ashura is rooted in the Quran and in the worship of God and this is sufficient for us,” the Iranian cleric added.


Ayatollah Abdollahi referred to the remarks made the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution, Ayatollah Sayyed Ali Khamenei, in a meeting with a group of Iranian students in Tehran on Thursday and said that the fight against the imperialist powers cannot end because the basis of our revolution, our Islamic identity and our Quran identity is anti-imperialism.


The Iranian cleric said, “If we do not fight the imperial powers, we have not adhered to the Quran which says, Worship God, and shun the evil powers!’” [16:36].