TEHRAN, Jan. 13 (Press Shia) – Researchers of Royan Research Institute made eye drop which can improve corneal stem cell growth.

With the production of eye drop from amniotic membrane, they [researchers] could improve the growth of Limbal Stem Cell after grafting ring around the cornea.

Limbal Stem Cells are epithelial stem cells that are found in corneous limbus layer (ring around the cornea) which have been tasked with renovating and reconstructing stem cell available in the cornea, researchers stressed.

In the limbal stem cells deficiency disease, the patient enjoys little or non-stem cells which leads to the lack of corneal reconstruction and consequently, bringing about serious defects in it, they said, adding, “eventually, this process can lead to the blindness. Grafting limbal stem cell to the affected patients is considered as one of the ways of treating the disease.”

In order to improve the clinical results of limbal stem cells, researchers of Royan Research Institute succeeded in transplanting a 1x2mm piece from limbal area of healthy eye to the eye of patient suffering from the deficiency of limbal stem cells and finally, they managed to obtain an amniotic membrane.

“Limbal Stem Cell” was developed by Dr. Marziyeh Ebrahimi, Alireza Baradaran Rafi, Niloofar Shayan Asl, etc. in Royan Research Center, Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Sciences, U.S. Illinois University and Shiraz University of Medical Sciences.

The considerable effects of these stem cells have been proven in different studies in the field of healing wounds and transplanting various stem cells, so that relevant articles have been published in prestigious international magazines. This product has been commercialized by Royan Research Institute as well.