TEHRAN, Jan. 13 (Press Shia) – Following a visit to People’ Public Security University of China, Iran’s deputy police chief said Iran and China’s police forces have agreed to cooperate on combating terrorism, narcotics and cybercrimes.

Brigadier General Amir Hossein Yavari, Iran’s deputy Police Chief for Training Affairs hailed the People’ Public Security University of China as an indicator of China’s well-planned order and security.

Regarding the Chinese university, Yavari said that the university was founded 60 years ago and it educates undergraduate and postgraduate students in the field of law, order and public security, criminal interrogation, criminal intelligence, criminology, international police affairs and immigration management, forensics, engineering and traffic management, security engineering, audiovisual technology in public security and cybersecurity. He added “there are 36 police universities in China.”

Iran’s police deputy for training and education stated that the visit was at the request of the Chinese People’s Public Security University, adding “China’s police want to use Iranian police forces’ experiences in the fight against terrorism, drugs and cybercrime, but at the same time, they are looking for income through training other countries’ police forces.”

The high-ranking police officer went on to add that Iran’s police are also in a good position to enter the Chinese police market, announcing preparations for several joint sports teams between the Iranian and Chinese police forces in the coming months.

Brigadier General Yavari noted that during the visit, the Chinese side announced its readiness to train the Iranian police’s undergraduate and postgraduate students.

He concluded that “currently the two sides have agreed on short-term courses and if these courses are successful, then long-term contracts can be signed with the Chinese Public Security Police.”