TEHRAN, Jan. 15 (Press Shia) – The former US secretary of energy said that despite the claims made by some US politicians, the commitments made by Iran in the nuclear deal are permanent and have no expiration date.

The Former US Secretary of Energy Ernest Moniz made remarks in his Twitter account, defending Iran’s nuclear deal.

Ernest Moniz posted a Tweet concerning the recent remarks made by the US president who states that the present deal does not guarantee the permanency of the restrictions imposed on Iran, saying “Iran Deal opponents underplay or ignore the importance of the commitments that don’t expire.”

Moniz referred to three points in Iran nuclear deal that cannot expire which are as follows:

“Permanent prohibition on a nuclear weapons program; Permanent adherence to extra verification measures in Additional Protocol; Req’t to ship out all spent fuel of Arak reactor.”

“Quite literally, Iran Deal is based on verification, not trust,” he says in another Tweet.

Moniz pointed to the nuclear negotiations with Iran claiming “the 159 toughly negotiated pages of detailed constraints put a straitjacket on Iran’s nuclear activities that effectively block its path to a nuclear bomb.”