Press Shia Agency – Shaykh Khidhr Kabash stated that even scholars who are not aligned with the Islamic Resistance Axis must come to the forefront and act on their religious duty towards their Muslim brothers in Yemen.

Press Shia Agency – For over one thousand days, Saudi Arabia has been bombing Yemen, which has led to a very turbulent situation in the impoverished Arab nation. Although the United Nations has warned in various reports that humanitarian disasters have occurred in this country, nevertheless, the Saudi coalition led by the so-called “Servants of the Two Holy Shrines” continues to engage in the slaughter and besiegement of the Muslim nation of Yemen. What is strange is the silence of the observers of the scholars of the Islamic world towards the slaughter of the Muslims in Yemen. 
In an interview with Press Shia Agency News Agency, Shaykh Khidhr Kabash, a member of the Association of Muslim Scholars of Lebanon, discussed the current situation in Yemen, the duty of the scholars in regards to Yemen and its relationship with the Islamic Resistance Axis. 
The Lebanese Sunni cleric said that the scholars of the Islamic world, if they act on their own duty, can play a significant role in the light of the West’s silence over the catastrophe in Yemen and said, “Silence in the face of the Saudi crimes in Yemen is by no means permissible. Yemeni women and children face horrible crimes every day and the minimum a scholar can do is to declare his stance against the bombardment of Yemen and inform the people about the nature of the Wahhabism of Saudi Arabia, which engages in the murder of Muslims.”
“Even the scholars who don’t have a positive view of us due to our stance on Islamic unity or our alignment with the Islamic Resistance Axis must also come to the forefront and act on their religious duty towards their Muslim brothers in Yemen,” he added.
Shaykh Kabash said, “From my point of view, there is no difference between the blockade of Yemen and the [Israeli] besiegement of the Gaza Strip. The besiegement of these two regions has one purpose and is in the interests of one coalition. The blockade of Yemen by a Muslim country is a dangerous and unprecedented step in the Muslim world. Look at what irreparable damage this action has had. More than a million people are afflicted with cholera, the danger of public hunger severely threatens the Yemeni people, the infrastructure of Yemen has been completely destroyed and we must also add the high number of civilians casualties to this total. All of this relates to the brutal blockade of Yemen.”
He argued, “Unfortunately, in recent years, human rights organizations in the case of Yemen have not done anything as they must have or should have done. Even in places where protests have come to light, these protests have been very passive and ineffective. American support and financial assistance for these institutions have meant that their policies are dictated by the United States. When we face such a bitter reality, we cannot expect such institutions to do a great job for the Yemeni people.”
Stating that the crown prince of Saudi Arabia, Muhammad ibn Salman, is exploiting this vacuum, he said, “The actions of Muhammad ibn Salman in the region have a single chapter, which is nothing more than a pursuit of the interests of Zionism and the United States. He is the employee of this project to divide the region. Attacking the Islamic Resistance Movement can be considered as one of the most important goals of this character, of which Yemen is also a part of.”
Shaykh Kabash stressed that the Saudi statements about war with Iran are only for show and added, “If the Saudis seek to confront Iran, why do not they establish a front against Iran and start a direct war with Iran itself? They can experience such a thing but they themselves know well that a war with Iran will mark the end of the existence of the Al Saud and their allies.”
In conclusion, the member of the Association of Muslim Scholars of Lebanon stated, “The Resistance Axis – from Iraq and Syria to Yemen – forms a united front. The enemies of Islam, led by the United States, created all these conflicts to make us forget the main issue of Palestine and to engross us in marginal issues. However, the political qiblah of Muslims will become Palestine. The enemies, with all these actions, cannot separate us from Jerusalem al-Quds. The entire world must know that on all these fronts, we have been fighting the enemies in order to defend and protect Palestine. The Saudis’ problem with Yemen is that they don’t want to see a pro-resistance nation in their own neighbourhood. As before, in the same vein, they sought to engross Syria in the swamp of internal conflict.”