TEHRAN, Nov. 10 (Press Shia) – Iran’s Javad Zarif has told a joint Iran-Slovakia economic meeting Iran has access to a consumer market of 400 million people.

Mr. Zarif’s delegation in Slovakia attended a joint economic meeting where tradesmen and tycoons of both countries participated. Mr. Zarif believed that with Rouhani’s government assuming the position, Iran had achieved significant economic growth, recovering from a negative growth rate to well above zero per cent; “even when sanctions still hit Iran’s economy, an inflation rate of 45 per cent was managed to decline to a single digit. In 2017, we predict to have a growth rate of 7 per cent,’ Zarif told the meeting. “Declines of oil prices have not adversely affected our economy; Iran enjoys huge number of university graduates, which along with ample natural resources, made it unique in potentials of economic boom.”

“We also have access and would facilitate access for Slovakia and other countries to untapped markets with a population of 400 million people very eager to consume modern goods and accommodations; no less important is the stability we enjoy amid a region mired on violence and extremism. Our people supports us, a support which improves the security enjoyed within the borders,” Zarif emphasized.