Press Shia Agency – One of the Sunni clerics in Lebanon described resistance as “a national need to confront the Zionist enemies.”

Press Shia – In his Friday prayer sermon in the Lebanese city of Sidon, Shaykh Suhayb Habli, a member of the Assembly of Muslim Scholars in Lebanon, said, “The United States government explicitly showed its loyalty to the Zionist regime by stopping $125 million worth of aid from reaching to camps of displaced Palestinian.”


He added that this decision, which was made after Donald Trump’s vicious Jerusalem al-Quds decision, is an attempt by the United States to provoke the feelings of the Palestinians as they strongly oppose the decision of the United States government on Jerusalem al-Quds and holding dialogue with the Zionist regime.


The Sunni cleric called on residents of the Palestinian camp to seek patience and rationality, saying, “The leaders of the Palestinian groups in the camp must prevent the deterioration of the situation in the camp.”


He stated that the goal of the Lebanese army from entering the camp was to protect the residents of the camp and to expel terrorists from the camp, and thereby eradicating terrorism from the camp.


The head of the Ulfah Society of Lebanon added Palestinian national and Islamic groups inside the camp need to keep residents calm and explain to them that the presence of the Lebanese army is positive and that they should not allow enemies to create animosity among us.


Shaykh Habli also praised stances of Lebanon’s President Michel Aoun regarding the Islamic Resistance and said, “Michel Aoun described Hezbollah as a factor in the country’s internal stability. This means the establishment of a new phase for resistance in order to reach a comprehensive national agreement regarding the forces of the Islamic Resistance and their army.”


He stressed that resistance is a national need to deal with the ongoing threats of the enemies against Lebanon.