TEHRAN, Jan. 16 (Press Shia) – Police chief says that Iran’s enemies are increasing resorting to cyberspace to undermine Iranian values and beliefs.

Speaking at a national gathering of armed forces on Tuesday, Commander of Iran’s Police Brigadier General Hossein Ashtari stressed the importance of police’s planning division in the police’s strategic decision making process. He said that this division plays an important role in police force’s effectiveness and deserves special attention by all the involved officials.

He said that the division plays an important role in within the law enforcement towards realizing its strategic and operational objectives. The division which serves as a think tank of the police should innovatively take the initiative in pursuing the police force’s targeted strategies and long-term policies.

He said that the division must become more active in the field of supply and optimization of sustainable resources, future prospects, futures studies, and more importantly, the diversification of economic issues.

He noted that Iran’s police force plays a far greater role in Iran as compared to the police force in other countries. He noted that Iranian police, in addition to routine duties associated with the police force, is also responsible for border security, traffic, as well as certain crimes related to holy sharia and social harm.

He said that Iran’s police is also responsible for patrolling and securing more than 8,000 kilometers of Iranian border. Moreover, the police carries out the highest number of aircraft sorties among the Iranian armed forces.

He said, “Our primary approach towards crime is to prevent occurrence of a crime. We have adopted a preventive approach towards criminal activities.”

He said that Iran’s enemy have learnt their lessons from the Iran-Iraq war, thus avoiding a direct confrontation with Iran. He said that they are now resorting to using soft and semi hard threats against Iran’s security. He said that Iran’s enemy is seeking to use the cyberspace and exaggerating the political gaps within the country to undermine Iran’s social and religious principles, values and beliefs. However, he stressed, that the police has successfully foiled such attempts.

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