TEHRAN, Nov. 12 (Press Shia Agency) – Hundreds of Canadian Muslims protested against the collusion between the government of Pakistan and extremist organizations in Toronto.

“Say No to hate, terrorism and extremism”, “Shame on the government of Pakistan” and “Not in the name of my religion” were some of the slogans raised by hundreds of Canadian Muslims who held a rally at the Co.nsulate General of Pakistan in Toronto.

Canadian Muslims gathered in Toronto to register their condemnation of the shameful collusion between the government of Pakistan and extremist organizations like ASWJ. Although the government of Pakistan was forced to ban extremists under international pressure, they have been allowed to hold rallies in the capital Islamabad, Karachi and many other cities under the protection of the government.

The speakers in these rallies openly incite hatred against non-Muslims and against different sects of Islam who disagree with the extremist perspectives.

 The protestors demanded that the government of Pakistan change their policy of appeasement of these terrorist organizations responsible for killing tens of thousands of civilians over the past two decades.

They also demanded that rather than trying to placate the extremists and allow them to hold rallies and incite hatred, the government should take all measures to ensure that the ideology of hate is discredited.

 Despite the cold weather, a significant number of protestors including men, women and small children and representatives from Shia and Sunni mosques and community organizations in GTA, participated in the protest.

They expressed their extreme anguish at the fact that despite tens of thousands dead, the murderers are allowed to hold meetings with the interior minister and representatives of the Pakistan army and are given a free reign to target civilians.

Similar protests are being held in cities around the world as Muslims in Canada and other countries are determined to ensure that these extremists are not allowed to hijack the beautiful religion of Islam and spread hate and sectarianism in the name of religion.

The protest ended with the gathering submitting a resolution and pledging to continue with additional protests around the world until the government  of Pakistan breaks their partnership with the extremists.