Press Shia Agency – The Friday Imam of Beirut stated that some are turning religion into a means of retaliation for historical events.

Press Shia – Speaking to a group of activists, scholars and laypeople at a cultural meeting that was held today in the Lebanese town of Kfar Melki near Sidon, Hujjat al-Islam Sayyed Ali Fadhlullah, the Friday prayer leader of Beirut, said, “All of us have a duty to examine our nature and actions and see what we have prepared to take with us when we leave this life and leave everything we have.”
Referring to Islam’s emphasis on saying that words, attitudes and behaviours will be assets in the hereafter, the Lebanese Shi’ah cleric added, “Our problem is that we do not manage our differences well and transform any political, partisan, tribal, sectarian or religious difference into an issue which can quickly flare out of control which soon leads to strife, war and tension.”
Hujjat al-Islam Fadhlullah criticized the transforming of any difference into sedition, war and extremism in the region, saying, “All sides should adopt a policy of expanding the bridges of cooperation, focusing on common points and avoiding differences and disagreements and we cannot be an integrated and national and we must resist threats and challenges.” 
He stated that the experience has proven that no party and group can live alone in Lebanon or realize their own interests.
His Eminence described love and friendship as the mission of all religions and added, “Religion has not come to cultivate spite and hatred but has come to spread love and affection in the hearts of the people to live this life but unfortunately for some people, religion has become a means of taking revenge, arousing and manipulating historical hatred over historical issues.”
“The problem in Lebanon and the world is that people who control the decisions do not have love for the people in their hearts and do not understand the concerns, difficulties and suffering of the citizens,” Hujjat al-Islam Fadhlullah added.
In conclusion, the Friday prayer leader of Beirut emphasized the need for the correct selection of officials and said, “The people must choose officials who have hearts full of love and benevolence for the people and not choose individuals who know how to manipulate people’s emotions and turn back their backs on the people once they achieve power.”
Lebanon’s parliamentary elections are scheduled to be held on 6 May, 2018.