TEHRAN, Jan. 22 (Press Shia) – Representative of Palestinian Islamic Jihad Movement Representative in Iran Nasser Abu Sharif said that spread of insecurity and corruption in the world is the main objective of Zionist regime.

Speaking in a seminar entitled “Freedom of al-Quds (Jerusalem) under Victory of Axis of Resistance” held on Monday in Tehran, he pointed to the domineering policy of the Zionist regime on other countries in the world.”

The United States of America has never cut its relation with the Zionist regime since 1948, he said, adding, “during these years, US has helped more than $200 billion to the Zionist regime financially.”

US support of Zionist regime does not confine to the economic issues, rather, United States has used its veto vote in the UN Security Council in favor of Zionist regime for 45 times.

To conclude his remarks, representative of Palestinian Islamic Jihad Movement in Tehran pointed to the strategic relationship between US and Israel and reiterated, “it seems that US President Donald Trump intends to implement a surprising and shocking plan for the Palestine in a way that Saudi Arabia is one of the main US executive arms for implementation of this heinous plan.”