TEHRAN, Jan. 22 (Press Shia) – Ayatollah Sadegh Larijani said on Monday that the real culprits of recent unrest in Iran would be dealt with decisively.

In a meeting with high-ranking judicial officials on Monday, the head of the judicial system of Iran said that he has called on judges to differentiate between innocent people who were clearly deceived and the real culprits of the recent unrest.

He stressed that the judicial process of dealing with the culprits, especially those linked to foreigners, should not be sidetracked. Emphasizing that if culprits did not pay the full price for their role in creating chaos, he said that people’s rights and security would be threatened.

Referring to US financial allocations towards creating unrest in Iran, he said that US is allocating millions of dollars towards creating chaos and insecurity in Iran. He added that these financial allocations clearly show US enmity towards Iran.

Ayatollah Larijani noted that US has publicly and clearly stated that it seeks regime change in Iran. This, he said, is another sign of its enmity towards Iran. He added that such actions served only to show how little US knows about Iran and the Iranian nation.

He said that these realities make it necessary for the Iranian officials and nation to remain vigilant about US overt and covert plans to infiltrate and weaken Iran. He said that US seeks to use people’s lack of awareness to attain its objectives. Therefore, it is vital for the people to learn from past events. He said that the people should not let the enemy hijack their legitimate protests and create chaos in the society.

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