Press Shia – The group of Sunni and Shi’ah scholars described Hezbollah as the most brilliant phenomenon in the history of the Islamic ummah.

Press Shia – In a statement issued after their central council’s weekly meeting, the Association of Muslim Scholars of Lebanon said, “The obvious and flagrant American intervention in the internal affairs of Lebanon is severely condemned on the basis of the establishment of a special committee to oversee the banks of this country.”
The group of Sunni and Shi'ah scholars added that the ongoing two-day visit of the United States’ Treasury’s Assistant Secretary for Terrorist Financing, Marshall Billingslea, on the pretext of fighting terrorism in Lebanon is by no means acceptable because Hezbollah is the brightest phenomenon in the history of Lebanon and the Islamic ummah and never brought itself down to the level of a gang of narcotics dealers, which we consider as forbidden.
Their statement adds, “We strongly condemn the visit of the Vice President of the United States, Mike Pence, to the occupied Palestinian territories and his provocative speeches against all Muslims in the Zionist Knesset and this is a sign that he is a Zionist.”
The Association of Muslim Scholars of Lebanon have stated, “We salute the positions of the Arab representatives in the Zionist Knesset against the Vice-President of the United States. This implies that Jerusalem al-Quds will be the eternal capital of Palestine in the lives of the Arab and Palestinian worlds and demonstrates that the United States and its Arab allies cannot implement their plots to consolidate the occupation of Palestine.”
They also condemned the Turkish military aggression against Syrian territory and said, “The Turkish forces are considered occupying forces that must stand against them and not allow any occupation of Syrian territory under any pretext. The problems of the Syrian people are being solved by the Syrian government and Turkey and the United States have no right to impose their choices on the Syrian people.”
The message praises the Lebanese security forces and stresses, “The discovery of a gang of collaborators with the Zionist regime and the failed assassination attempt against Muhammad Hamdan, a member of the Hamas movement, in Sidon reflects the ability of the Lebanese security apparatus to control the country’s security. The discovery of this gang was made as soon as possible.”