TEHRAN, Jan. 27 (Press Shia) – During the recent two-day military exercises code-named Muhammad Rasoulallah, Iranian army successfully test-fired seven new weapons.

The fifth edition of Muhammad Rasoulallah military drills ended on Tuesday along the Makran coastal strip and the shores of the Sea of Oman, with participation of Army’s naval, ground and air forces as well as Air Defense units.

The new weapons successfully test fired by Iranian army included: Haidar 44 (122mm howitzer), Ashura (155 mm howitzer), Fajr-e 5 (the latest version of guided artillery rocket system), Labaik-e 1 (an artillery rocket), an offensive quadcopter (capable of carrying BL-755 bombs), Ghadir long range cruise missile, and finally RH-53 helicopter equipped with a refueling tube in the front.