TEHRAN, Jan. 27 (Press Shia Agency) – According to new updates by local sources and media, the number of victims killed in the Saturday terrorist attack of Taliban on Kabul reaches nearly one hundred while 158 are announced wounded.

As the clock ticks forward, the number of victims killed in Saturday terror attack of Kabul surges. While the early numbers were recounting around 40 killed and 140 wounded by the attack, the newest updates are indicating a sharp rise hinting that around 100 have been killed and 158 are wounded.

Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Bahram Ghasemi issued a statement, an hour after the attack, condemning the act and extending sympathies with the bereaved families, Afghans, and the government of Afghanistan.

The Taliban terror group has claimed responsibility for the horrific assault, with reports confirming that the explosion was close to an interior ministry building.

An ambulance vehicle packed with explosives detonated near the ministry’s entrance close to the busy Sadarat Square during rush hour.

Government offices, businesses, a school and the Jamhuriat Hospital are close to the site of attack.

The driver passed through one checkpoint by claiming to be escorting a patient to the hospital. He detonated the explosives at the second checkpoint.

Following the blast, huge plumes of dark smoke rose above the city and emergency vehicles rushed to the city center.

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