TEHRAN, Jan. 28 (Press Shia Agency) – An Iraqi MP has called on Iraqi government to end US military presence in the country, saying that US Embassy in Baghdad is the basis of all the problems.

Asserting that US forces are intentionally attacking Iraqi forces, Iraqi member of parliament Ferdos al-Awadi said that the international forces led by US are spilling the blood of Iraqi people and armed forces. She went on to say that ISIL was created by US and its regional allies.

She is a member of the National Iraqi Alliance, Iraq’s largest political establishment.

She stressed, “The US embassy in Iraq is the basis of the problems in Iraq. Continued presence of US forces and their bases in the country will lead to more catastrophes and killings.”

She called on the Iraqi government to take a clear stance on this matter, summon the US ambassador and end the US military presence on Iraqi soil.

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