TEHRAN, Jan. 30 (Press Shia Agency) – The Russian president has commented on the reports that the US administration released on Monday the list that includes 114 Russian politicians and 96 businessmen who may face new US sanctions in future.

Commenting on the release of the list, President Putin said he was “sad” that he hadn’t been on the list, adding that he only heard of the document but didn’t see it.

The Russian president went on to say that the report represents an unfriendly step by the US administration, saying that it harms Moscow-Washington relations. Putin pointed out that that people behind the report are attacking own government, by pushing it toward confrontation with Moscow, reported Sputnik.

Despite that, Moscow will refrain from retaliatory measures and will act in accordance with the development of the situation, Putin added, saying that Russia is in favor of development of relations with the US.