Responding on the aggression by the American forces, Sheikh Akram al-Kaabi warned that if the Americans don’t leave Iraq, we will consider them occupiers.‌‍

Press Shia Agency – According to The Media and Relations Office of Al-Nujaba Islamic Resistance in Iran, Hezbollah al-Nujaba Secretary General, responding on the attack of Iraqi military and non-military automobiles by the American helicopters in “al-Baghdadi” region in al-Anbar province on Saturday, January 27, called it an evidence for the continuation of the evil plans for destroying Iraq by the American forces based in the border regions between Iraq and Syria.‌


Hujjat al-Islam “Akram al-Kaabi” maintained: ‌ “Although the defeated ISIL terrorists easily penetrate into Iraq, the American forces still keep on attacking the Iraqi fighters”. ‌‌‌‌‌


Stating that “their presence is of no help to Iraq and its population”, he pointed out:‌ “They have frequently caused the destruction of the country and the reinforcement of the terrorists and enemies”. ‌‌


The top official of al-Hashd al-Shahbi (the Iraqi Popular Mobilisation Forces), pointing that the American forces’ colonialist plans will end after they all are expelled from Iraq, said: ‌ “If the American forces remain in Iraq though it is cleared form the terrorists, it will be illegal, religiously inappropriate and non-patriotic”.‌


Sheikh Akram al-Kaabi added: “It is vital that their stealing the wealth of the country and their penetration to all economic, military and even political sectors end”.‌‌


He warned: “If the American don’t leave Iraq, we will consider them occupiers and take the necessary steps”.  ‌


Finally Hezbollah al-Nujaba Secretary General asked all the patriot Iraqi politicians to act regarding the expelling of the American forces from Iraq through fast adoption of clear positions.