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Ayatollah Isa Qasim has been taken to the hospital for surgery

Press Shia Agency – The Shi’ah spiritual leader of Bahrain has been transferred to the hospital for surgery.

Press Shia Agency – In a statement issued today by the al-Wefaq National Islamic Society, Bahrain’s main opposition party, it was announced that Ayatollah Isa Qasim, the spiritual leader of the oppressed Shi’ah Muslim majority of the tiny Persian Gulf monarchy, has been transferred to hospital to undergo hernia surgery and is in critical condition. 

By publishing this news, al-Wefaq stressed that Ayatollah Qasim would undergo the surgery.

This Bahraini political association slammed the oppressive Al Khalifah regime’s total indifference toward the cleric’s deteriorating health condition insisted that His Eminence been in desperate need of surgery for more than ten days, but the regime has neglected and delayed the operation.

al-Wefaq added that the regime benefited from the postponement of the operation to hold the trial of Ayatollah Qasim and confirmed his imprisonment and the revocation of his citizenship.

They emphasized the need for the Al Khalifah regime to stop their hostility against the Shi’ah people of Bahrain and also to restore Ayatollah Qasim’s citizenship.

It must be noted that Ayatollah Qasim has been surrounded by the security forces of the Al Khalifah regime for several months and has been under house arrest.

The Al Khalifah court issued a one-year prison sentence and also revoked the citizenship of this senior cleric in June 2016. Two days ago, the verdict was upheld by the Supreme Court of this regime. 

Ayatollah Qasim has been living under virtual siege since Manama revoked his citizenship, prompting protests and sit-ins in his home-town of Diraz. Bahraini authorities later dissolved the Islamic Enlightenment Institution, founded by him, in addition to the opposition al-Risalah Islamic Association.